Neuromusical Talks

Talks on themes that are at the intersection of music and other fields of knowledge, specially psychology and neuroscience.

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Rhythm perception through the lens of Music Cognition
08.11.2021 | Letícia Dias de Lima | Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul

Auditory perception and absolute pitch: behavioral, electrophysiological, and neuroanatomical correlates
04.10.2021 | Carlos Alberto Leite Filho | Universidade de São Paulo

Samba in the brain: perception of varying synchrony between beats in samba percussion
09.08.2021 | Annerose Engel | Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences – Leipzig

Music-induced emotions and visuospatial working memory: A psychophysiological study
12.07.2021 | Fabiana Ribeiro | University of Luxembourg 

Emotion expression in speech and singing
14.06.2021 | Gláucia Laís Salomão | Stockholm University

Music and well-being in times of pandemic
19.04.2021 | João Quadros | Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto

Musical experience and the ability to recognize emotions
22.03.2021 | César Lima | Instituto Universitário de Lisboa


Better ears with eyes open: effects of unconscious visual stimulation on auditory learning
09.11.2020| Milton Augusto Vendramini de Ávila | USP Ribeirão Preto

Music therapy and music cognition in elderly
05.10.2020 | Claudia Zanini | UFG

Effects of tDCS on musical skills
10.08.2020 | Maria Clotilde Henriques Tavares | UnB

Music, experiment and experimentalism
13.07.2020 | Fernando Iazzetta | USP

Psychoacoustic models as a tool for musical analysis: An approach using audio descriptors
08.06.2020 | Micael Antunes | UNICAMP

A proposal of a musical larynx: Implications for studies in cognition
11.05.2020 | Beatriz Raposo de Medeiros | USP

Analysis and recognition of cognitive patterns of musicians and non-musicians through EEG
13.04.2020 | Estela Ribeiro | Centro Universitário FEI


Experimental aesthetics: Why do we like or dislike a work of art?
18.11.2019 | Hernando Borges Neves Filho | Imagine Tecnologia Comportamental

Perception of asymmetric rhythms in traditional Greek music
07.10.2019 | Marcelo Queiroz | USP

Musical meaning in the dynamical paradigm of cognition
23.09.2019 | Luís Felipe Oliveira | UFMS

Acoustics and Psychoacoustics: How sounds become music?
15.07.2019 | Rebeca Bayeh | Concordia University, Montreal

Aleatory arts in music
10.06.2019 | Adolfo Maia Jr | UNICAMP

The neurobiology of absolute pitch
22.04.2019 | Raphael Bender Chagas Leite | UFRN

Creative processes and technological mediation in music cognition research
21.03.2019 | Jônatas Manzolli | UNICAMP


Associations between numerical magnitude and pitch processing
12.11.2018 | Marília Nunes-Silva | UEMG

Mental representations of melodic perception
08.10.2018 | Pedro de Alcântara Senra de Oliveira Neto | UNICAMP

Associations between cognitive|linguistic skills and music perception in children
17.09.2018 | Guilherme Alves Delmolin de Oliveira | UFABC

Vocal improvisations, entrainment and prosociality in child musicians
06.08.2018 | Beatriz Ilari | University of Southern California

Translational research: how the interplay between basic and clinical research is relevant to the field of Music
04.06.2018 | Thenille Braun Janzen | University of Toronto

Musical timing and segmentation
09.04.2018 | Marcos Mesquita | UNESP

Assessing music perception in young children: Evidence for the M|Factor
12.03.2018 | Hugo Cogo Moreira | UNIFESP


Focal dystonia task specific in musicians in Brazil
27.11.2017 | Rita de Cássia dos Reis Moura | FMU

Autobiographical memories evoked by music
30.10.2017 | José Davison da Silva Junior | IFPE

What is absolute about absolute pitch?
24.07.2017 | Nayana di Giuseppe Germano | UNESP

Music and language: A transdisciplinary approach
26.06.2017 | Diana Santiago | UFBA

Cognitive biases in the evaluation of musical performances
24.04.2017 | Graziela Bortz | UNESP

Neural processing of musical emotions
27.03.2017 | Frederico Graeff | USP-Ribeirão Preto


The statistical brain and the samba beat
07.11.2016 | Antonio Galves | USP

Verbal correlates of timbre perception: A research on orchestral sonorities
03.10.2016 | Ivan Eiji Simurra | USP

Minds, machines, and music
01.08.2016 | José Fornari | UNICAMP

The evolution of human cognition through the perspective of music cognition: An archaeological survey
18.07.2016 | Fernando Najman | USP

Music and autism: A neuroscientific approach
13.06.2016 | Viviane Louro | UNIFESP

Can musical training modulate the perception of faces? Results of an investigation with Event Related Potentials.
04.04.2016 | Viviane Rocha | Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Music, acoustic and neurocognition: A case study of importance to interdisciplinarity
29.02.2016 | Fabio Leão Figueiredo | UFRB


A form in musical sounds: The construction of musical semantics based on neuroscientific and enactionist research
30.11.2015 | Marcos Nogueira | UFRJ

Bioacoustics: Biological basis of bird calls and their possible relations with human musical behaviour
29.10.2015 | Maria Luisa da Silva | UFPA

Covert attention in formally trained musicians
28.09.2015 | Felipe Viegas Rodrigues | UNOESTE

Music and mental imagery in the modulation of moods
27.07.2015 | Eliseth Leão | IIEP Albert Einstein Hospital

Difficulties in vocal perception and production and its consequences in the working memory for melodies
29.06.2015 | Mariana Werke |UNIFESP

Musical rhythm from the perspective of recent models of perception and cognition
01.06.2015 | Pedro Paulo Köhler |USP

Music as a tool to evaluate and intervene in language abilities
27.04.2015 | Paulo Estevão Andrade | Colégio Criativo, Marília, SP

Reflections on music and neuroscience
30.03.2015 | Ronald Ranvaud | USP