Music and… Surprise!

The experience of surprise in music

March 30, 2016 – From 5:15 to 9:00 pm
Auditório 001 – Bloco Beta – UFABC / Campus São Bernardo



5:15 to 7:45 pm – Talks

Expectations and surprises from an evolutionary perspective
Prof. Dr. Claudinei Eduardo Biazoli Junior (UFABC)

Expectations in music and the neuroscience of musical emotions
Paulo Estevão Andrade (University of London) e Profa. Dra. Patrícia Vanzella (UnB/UFABC)

Surprises in music: The unexpected and the meaning
Prof. Dr. Marcos Nogueira (UFRJ)

7:45 pm – Grand Finale | Concert

The Instituto Baccarelli String Quartet is an ensemble formed by members of the Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra, an instrumental group created within a social project in the community of Vila Heliópolis. The young musicians from the Baccarelli Institute have toured Europe and played at important festivals and stages such as St John’s Smith Square (England), Concertgebouw (Netherlands), Beethovenfest (Germany), in addition to having played with big names in Brazilian popular music such as Zizi Possi, Edu Lobo, Ivan Lins, Beth Carvalho, among others, and participated in events such as Rock in Rio, with Mike Patton.

During this  concert-lecture, the ensemble performed works by Mozart, Haydn, Dvorak and Nepomuceno while psychophysiological emotional responses from audience members were monitored and projected onto a large screen on stage.

Members of the Instituto Baccarelli String Quartet: Robinho Carmo & Carlos Ribeiro (violins), Daniel Mendes (viola) e Rafael Pedro (cello)

Música e Surpresa