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Every Friday, @ UFABC (São Bernardo do Campo, A1-S205) 14:00


Previous meetings:

08/12/2023 – End of the Term Happy Hour with the VII Neurotalks people!

01/12/2023 – Learning to Time (LeT) Model Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Machado, A. (1997). Learning the temporal dynamics of behavior. Psychological Review, 104(2), 241–265.

Machado, A., Malheiro, M. T., & Erlhagen, W.. (2009). Learning to time: A perspective. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 92(3), 423-458.

24/11/2023 – Presented by Alexandre Nobre (Part II) and Felipe Hernández (MSc Qualification Exam)

Boboeva, V., Pezzotta, A., Clopath, C., & Akrami, A. (2023). From recency to central tendency biases in working memory: A unifying network model. eLife, 1-43.

17/11/2023 – Presented by Fillipi da Rosa Ferreira

Rayburn-Reeves, R. M., James, B. T., & Beran, M. J. (2017). Within-session reversal learning in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). Animal Cognition, 20, 975-983.

10/11/2023 – Presented by Alexandre Nobre (Part I)

Boboeva, V., Pezzotta, A., Clopath, C., & Akrami, A. (2023). From recency to central tendency biases in working memory: A unifying network model. eLife, 1-43.

27/10/2023 – Serial Dependence Review Presented by Esaú Sirius

Pascucci, D., Tanrikulu, O. D., Ozkirli, A., Houborg, C., Ceylan, G., Zerr, P., Rafiei, M., & Kristjánsson, Á. (2023). Serial dependence in visual perception: A review. Journal of Vision, 23(1), 1-23.

20/10/2023 – Discussion about the Timing Research Forum 3

04/08/2023 – Temporal Binding Review (Part II) and PhD Project Presented by Gustavo de Azevedo.

28/07/2023 – Temporal Binding Review (Part I) Presented by Gustavo de Azevedo.

Haggard, P., Clark, S., & Kalogeras, J. (2002). Voluntary action and conscious awareness. Nature neuroscience, 5(4), 382-385.

Engbert, K., Wohlschläger, A., Thomas, R., & Haggard, P. (2007). Agency, subjective time, and other minds. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 33(6), 1261.

Buehner, M. J., & Humphreys, G. R. (2009). Causal binding of actions to their effects. Psychological science, 20(10), 1221-1228.

Humphreys, G. R., & Buehner, M. J. (2010). Temporal binding of action and effect in interval reproduction. Experimental brain research, 203, 465-470.

21/07/2023 – Meeting canceled due to the III Neuroscientist Journey Symposium.

14/07/2023 – Presented by Armando Machado

Brette, R. (2019). Is coding a relevant metaphor for the brain?. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 42, e215.

07/07/2023 – Temporal Scaling Modeling Presented by André Cravo

29/06/2023 – Join Lab Meeting with ActiVis Lab (IB – USP).

23/06/2023 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Machado, A., de Carvalho, M. P., & Vasconcelos, M. (2023). Midsession reversal task with starlings: A quantitative test of the timing hypothesis. Behavioural Processes, 208, 104862.

16/06/2023 – Organizational Meeting

05/05/2023 – End of the Term Happy Hour!

28/04/2023 – Undergraduate Projects Presentation by Eduardo Rocha, Veronica Casagrande and Sabrícia Silveira

21/04/2023 – Holiday

14/04/2023 – Special Guest: Prof Marc Buehner (Cardiff University) presented his work on the perception of time and causality

07/04/2023 – Holiday

24/03/2023 – Presented by Prof Marc Buehner (Cardiff University) – Our first face-to-face JC after the pandemic!

Tecwyn, E. C., Bechlivanidis, C., Lagnado, D. A., Hoerl, C., Lorimer, S., Blakey, E., … & Buehner, M. J. (2020). Causality influences children’s and adults’ experience of temporal order. Developmental psychology, 56(4), 739.

17/03/2023 – General Discussion – Part II

Tsao, A., Yousefzadeh, S. A., Meck, W. H., Moser, M. B., & Moser, E. I. (2022). The neural bases for timing of durations. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 23(11), 646-665.

10/03/2023 – General Discussion – Part I

Tsao, A., Yousefzadeh, S. A., Meck, W. H., Moser, M. B., & Moser, E. I. (2022). The neural bases for timing of durations. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 23(11), 646-665.

03/03/2023 – Journal Club with the Neuroscience and Music at UFABC group

Kozak, M. (2019). Enacting Musical Time: The Bodily Experience of New Music. Introduction. Oxford University Press.

24/02/2023 – Special Meeting in Preparation for the TRF, 2023

17/02/2023 – Organizational Meeting

02/12/2022 – Special Guest: Prof Armando Machado gave a talk on the most popular models for time perception

18/11/2022 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Wolff, M. J., Jochim, J., Akyürek, E. G., & Stokes, M. G. (2017). Dynamic hidden states underlying working-memory-guided behavior. Nature neuroscience20(6), 864.

11/11/2022 – Temporal Taxonomies App by André Cravo

04/11/2022 – Data Presentation by Nicolas Cesar

28/10/2022 – Holiday

14/10/2022 – Special Guest: Prof Armando Machado arrives for an 8-month Research Visit in our lab and presents his latest work

07/10/2022 – Information Session to Prospective Students

30/09/2022 – Project Presentation by Giovanna Testi

23/09/2022 – Organizational Meeting

12/08/2022 – Presented by Gustavo de Azevedo

Parsons, S., Kruijt, A. W., & Fox, E. (2019). Psychological science needs a standard practice of reporting the reliability of cognitive-behavioral measurements. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 2(4), 378-395.

05/08/2022 – Presented by Gustavo de Azevedo

Hedge, C., Powell, G., & Sumner, P. (2018). The reliability paradox: Why robust cognitive tasks do not produce reliable individual differences. Behavior research methods, 50, 1166-1186.

29/07/2022 – Project Presentation by Esaú Sirius

22/07/2022 – Special Guest: Prof Altay de Souza presented a lecture on Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs)

15/07/2022 – Presented by Alexandre Nobre

Salet, J. M., Kruijne, W., van Rijn, H., Los, S. A., & Meeter, M. (2022). FMTP: A unifying computational framework of temporal preparation across time scales. Psychological Review, 129(5), 911.

08/07/2022 – Data Presentation by Fernanda Bueno

24/06/2022 – Journal Club with the Neuroscience and Music at UFABC group

17/06/2022 – Holiday

10/06/2022 – Organizational Meeting

06/05/2022 – Journal Club with the Neuroscience and Music at UFABC group

Rajendran, V. G., Teki, S., & Schnupp, J. W. (2018). Temporal processing in audition: insights from music. Neuroscience, 389, 4-18.

29/04/2022 – Holiday

22/04/2022 – Holiday

08/04/2022 – Holiday

01/04/2022 – Postdoc Project Presentation by Alexandre Nobre

25/03/2022 – Journal Club with the Neuroscience and Music at UFABC group

Rajendran, V. G., Teki, S., & Schnupp, J. W. (2018). Temporal processing in audition: insights from music. Neuroscience, 389, 4-18.

18/03/2022 – Presented by Carolina Feher da Silva

11/03/2022 – Data Presentation by Vanessa Maia

04/03/2022 –  Presented by Esaú Sirius

Glasauer, S., & Shi, Z. (2022). Individual beliefs about temporal continuity explain variation of perceptual biases. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 10746.

25/02/2022 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Kruijne, W., Olivers, C. N., & van Rijn, H. (2021). Neural repetition suppression modulates time perception: Evidence from electrophysiology and pupillometry. Journal of cognitive neuroscience, 33(7), 1230-1252.

18/02/2022 – Organizational Meeting

03/12/2021 – Presented by Luis de Oliveira

Wang, J., Narain, D., Hosseini, E. A., & Jazayeri, M. (2018). Flexible timing by temporal scaling of cortical responses. Nature neuroscience, 21, 102-110.

26/11/2021 – Presented by Luis de Oliveira

Ebitz, R. B., & Hayden, B. Y. (2021). The population doctrine in cognitive neuroscience. Neuron, 109(19), 3055-3068.

19/11/2021 – Presented by Luis de Oliveira

Jazayeri, M., & Ostojic, S. (2021). Interpreting neural computations by examining intrinsic and embedding dimensionality of neural activity. Current opinion in neurobiology, 70, 113-120.

12/11/2021 – Presented by Gustavo de Azevedo (MSc Qualification Exam) and Felipe Hernández

Sarma, D., & Srinivasan, N. (2021). Intended emotions influence intentional binding with emotional faces: Larger binding for intended negative emotions. Consciousness and Cognition, 92, 103136.

05/11/2021 – Special Guest: Prof Lino Bueno presented his works on temporal control and subjective timing

29/10/2021 – Holiday

08/10/2021 – Temporal Taxonomies Presentaton by André Cravo

01/10/2021 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Wang, T., Luo, Y., Pöppel, E., & Bao, Y. (2021). Serial Dependence in Temporal Perception Reveals the Dynamics of Constructing an Internal Reference Frame. bioRxiv, 2021-05.

24/09/2021 – Organizational Meeting

13/08/2021 – Presented by Prof David Freestone and Estela Braga

30/07/2021 – Data Presentation by Vanessa Maia and Gabriel Dantas

23/07/2021 – Data Presentation by Isabelle Anjos

16/07/2021 – Presented by André Cravo

Ceylan, G., Herzog, M. H., & Pascucci, D. (2021). Serial dependence does not originate from low-level visual processing. Cognition, 212, 104709.

09/07/2021 – Holiday

02/07/2021 – Data Presentation by Pedro Teodoro

25/06/2021 – Data Presentation by Estela Braga

18/06/2021 – Presented by Nicolas Cesar

Frömer, R., Nassar, M. R., Bruckner, R., Stürmer, B., Sommer, W., & Yeung, N. (2021). Response-based outcome predictions and confidence regulate feedback processing and learning. elife, 10, e62825.

11/06/2021 – Presented by Gustavo de Azevedo

Lush, P., Roseboom, W., Cleeremans, A., Scott, R. B., Seth, A. K., & Dienes, Z. (2019). Intentional binding as Bayesian cue combination: Testing predictions with trait individual differences. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 45(9), 1206.

04/06/2021 – Holiday

28/05/2021 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Kwon, O. S., & Knill, D. C. (2013). The brain uses adaptive internal models of scene statistics for sensorimotor estimation and planning. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(11), E1064-E1073.

23/04/2021 – Presented by Raphael Camargo

Bi, Z., & Zhou, C. (2020). Understanding the computation of time using neural network models. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(19), 10530-10540.

16/04/2021 – Data Presented by Vanessa Maia

09/04/2021 – Data Presented by Fernanda Bueno

26/03/2021 – Special Guest: Prof Armando Machado presented the work he has been developing in recent years

Bugallo, M., Machado, A., & Vasconcelos, M. (2018). A new variable interval schedule with constant hazard rate and finite time range. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 110(1), 127-135.

González, V. V., Macías, A., Machado, A., & Vasconcelos, M. (2020). The Δ–∑ hypothesis: How contrast and reinforcement rate combine to generate suboptimal choice. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 113(3), 591-608.

Soares, C., Santos, C., Machado, A., & Vasconcelos, M. (2020). Step changes in the intertrial interval in the midsession reversal task: Predicting pigeons’ performance with the learning‐to‐time model. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 114(3), 337-353.

Santos, C., Vasconcelos, M., & Machado, A. (2021). Constantly timing, but not always controlled by time: Evidence from the midsession reversal task. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition, 47(4), 405.

Macías, A., González, V. V., Machado, A., & Vasconcelos, M. (2021). The functional equivalence of two variants of the suboptimal choice task: choice proportion and response latency as measures of value. Animal cognition, 24, 85-98.

19/03/2021 – Presented by Marcelo Caetano

Eckard, M. L., & Lattal, K. A. (2020). The internal clock: A manifestation of a misguided mechanistic view of causation?. Perspectives on behavior science, 43, 5-19.

Machado, A., Guilhardi, P., Caetano, M. S., & Silva, F. J. (2020). Rules of conduct for behavior analysts in the presence of hypothetical constructs: A commentary on Eckard and Lattal (2020)Perspectives on Behavior Science43, 791-802.

05/03/2021 – Presented by Fernanda Bueno

Acerbi, L., Wolpert, D. M., & Vijayakumar, S. (2012). Internal representations of temporal statistics and feedback calibrate motor-sensory interval timing. PLoS computational biology, 8(11), e1002771.

26/02/2021 – Presented by Cristiano Bilacchi

Yallak, E., & Balcı, F. (2021). Metric error monitoring: Another generalized mechanism for magnitude representations?. Cognition.

19/02/2021 – Data Presented by Esaú Sirius and André Cravo

12/02/2021 – Presented by Nicolas Cesar

Xu, R., Church, R. M., Sasaki, Y., & Watanabe, T. (2021). Effects of stimulus and task structure on temporal perceptual learning. Scientific Reports.

05/02/2021 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Richter F, Ibáñez A. (2021). Time is body: Multimodal evidence of crosstalk between interoception and time estimation. Biological Psychology.

18/12/2020 – End of the Term Happy Hour!

11/12/2020 – Presented by Kaick Oliveira

04/12/2020 – Presented by Gustavo de Azevedo

27/11/2020 – Presented by Isabelle Anjos

20/11/2020 – Presented by Gabriel Dantas and Vanessa Maia

13/11/2020 – Presented by Marcelo da Silveira

06/11/2020 – Presented by Louise Barne

30/10/2020 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro

23/10/2020 – Presented by Raphael Camargo

16/10/2020 – Data Presentation by Cristiano Bilacchi

09/10/2020 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

02/10/2020 – Presented by Estela Braga

25/09/2020 – Presented by Katia Melo

04/09/2020 – Presented by Fernanda Bueno

28/08/2020 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

21/08/2020 – Timing App Project Meeting

14/08/2020 – Data Presentation by Cristiano Bilacchi

07/08/2020 – Temporal Taxonomies Project Discussion


Part I – Project Presentation by Nicolas Cesar

Part II – Data Presentation by Mateus Silvestrin and Louise Barne

17/07/2020 – Data Presentation by Andre Cravo

10/07/2020 – Presented by Gustavo de Azevedo

Mota, N. B., Weissheimer, J., Ribeiro, M., De Paiva, M., D’Avila, J., Simabucuru, G., … & Rodrigues, C. (2020). Dreaming during the Covid-19 pandemic: Computational assessment of dream reports reveals mental suffering associated with negative feelings and contagion fear. medRxiv.

03/07/2020 – Project Presentation by Vanessa Maia (first online JC during the pandemic)

13/03/2020 – Special Guest: Carolina Feher da Silva (last JC before the pandemic)

da Silva, C. F., & Hare, T. A. (2020). Humans primarily use model-based inference in the two-stage task. Nature Human Behaviour, 1-14.

06/03/2020 – Presented by Louise Barne

Jazayeri, M., & Shadlen, M. N. (2015). A neural mechanism for sensing and reproducing a time interval. Current Biology25(20), 2599-2609.

28/02/2020 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Breska, A., & Ivry, R. B. (2016). Taxonomies of timing: where does the cerebellum fit in?Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences8, 282-288.

21/02/2019 – Louise Barne PhD Viva Exam

14/02/2019 – Gabriela Melo MSc Viva Exam

13/12/2019 – End of the Term Happy Hour!

06/12/2019 – Data Presentation by Janine Camatti

29/11/2019 – Presented by Andre Cravo

Jazayeri, M., & Shadlen, M. N. (2010). Temporal context calibrates interval timing. Nature neuroscience13(8), 1020.

22/11/2019 – Presented by Gabriela Melo

Mendoza, G., Méndez, J. C., Pérez, O., Prado, L., & Merchant, H. (2018). Neural basis for categorical boundaries in the primate pre-SMA during relative categorization of time intervals. Nature communications9(1), 1-17.

15/11/2019 – Holiday

08/11/2019 – Presented by Gabriela Chiuffa

Merchant, H., Zarco, W., Pérez, O., Prado, L., & Bartolo, R. (2011). Measuring time with different neural chronometers during a synchronization-continuation task. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences108(49), 19784-19789.

01/11/2019 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Merchant H, Zarco W, Bartolo R, Prado L (2008) The Context of Temporal Processing Is Represented in the Multidimensional Relationships between Timing Tasks. PLOS ONE 3(9): e3169.

30/08/2019 – End of the Term Happy Hour!

23/08/2019 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Monier, F., Droit‐Volet, S., & Coull, J. T. (2019). The beneficial effect of synchronized action on motor and perceptual timing in children. Developmental Science. e1282.

16/08/2019 – Presented by Gabriela Melo

Slayton, M. A., Romero-Sosa, J. L., Shor, K., Buonomano, D. V., & Viskontas, I. V. (2019). Musical expertise generalizes to superior temporal scaling in a Morse code tapping task. BioRxiv.

09/08/2019 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Wolff, M. J., Kandemir, G., Stokes, M. G., & Akyürek, E. G. (2019). Impulse responses reveal unimodal and bimodal access to visual and auditory working memory. BioRxiv.

02/08/2019 – Gabriela Melo and Pedro Teodoro Qualification Exams

26/07/2019 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro (PhD Qualification Exam) and Gabriela Melo (MSc Qualification Exam)

19/07/2019 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin (PhD Qualification Exam)

12/07/2019 – Presented by Yossi Zana and Marcelo Caetano

05/07/2019 – Presented by Fernanda Bueno

Li, B., Xiao, L., Yin, H., Liu, P., & Huang, X. (2017). Duration Aftereffect Depends on the Duration of Adaptation. Front. Psychol. 8:491.

28/06/2019 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Ruzzoli, M., Torralba, M., Fernández, L. M., & Soto-Faraco, S. (2019). The relevance of alpha phase in human perception. Cortex.

21/06/2019 – Holiday

14/06/2019 – General Strike

07/06/2019 – Special Guests: Neural Oscillations and Cognition

Gustavo Rohenkohl: Gamma Synchronization between V1 and V4 Improves Behavioral Performance.

Daniel Takahashi: The shape of vocal communication.

07/05/2019 – End of the Term Happy Hour!

03/05/2019 – Presented by Raphael Camargo

Buzsáki, G., & Tingley, D. (2018). Space and Time: The Hippocampus as a Sequence Generator. Trends Cogn Sci. 22(10):853-869.

26/04/2019 – Presented by Gabriela Melo

Roseboom, W., Fountas, Z., Nikiforou, K., Bhowmik, D., Shanahan, M., & Seth, AK. (2019). Activity in perceptual classification networks as a basis for human subjective time perception. Nat Commun, 10(1):267.

19/04/2019 – Holiday

12/04/2019 – Presented by Fernanda Bueno

Baolin, L., Lijuan, X., Huazhan, Y., Peiduo, L., & Xiting, H. (2017). Duration Aftereffect Depends on the Duration of Adaptation. Front Psychol, 8:491.

05/04/2019 – Presented by Cristiano Bilacchi

Chang, C-J., & Jazayeri, M. (2018). Integration of speed and time for estimating time to contact. Proc Natl Acad Sci

22/03/2019 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro

Berlemont, K., & Nadal, J-P. (2019). Perceptual decision making: Biases in post-error reaction times explained by attractor network dynamics.

15/03/2019 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro

Berlemont, K., & Nadal, J-P. (2019). Perceptual decision making: Biases in post-error reaction times explained by attractor network dynamics.

08/03/2019 – Presented by Estela Braga

Tosun, T., Gür, E., & Balcı, F. (2016). Mice plan decision strategies based on previously learned time intervals, locations, and probabilities. Proc Natl Acad Sci, 113(3), 787-92.

01/03/2019 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Pfeuty, M., Monfort, V., Klein, M., Krieg, J., Collé, S., Colnat-Coulbois, S., Brissart, H., & Maillard, L. (2019). Role of the supplementary motor area during reproduction of supra-second time intervals: An intracerebral EEG study.
NeuroImage, 191, 403-420.

22/02/2019 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

LozanoSoldevilla, D., & VanRullen, R. (2019). The Hidden Spatial Dimension of Alpha: 10-Hz Perceptual Echoes Propagate as Periodic Traveling Waves in the Human Brain. Cell Reports, 26(2), 374-380.

15/02/2019 – Organizational Meeting

30/11/2018 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Fekete, T., Van de Cruys, S., Ekroll, V., & van Leeuwen, C. (2018). In the interest of saving time: a critique of discrete perception. Neuroscience of Consciousness, 2018(1), 1–8.

23/11/2018 – Presented by Fernanda Bueno

Wiener, M., & Thompson, J. C. (2015). Repetition enhancement and memory effects for duration. NeuroImage, 113, 268–278.

09/11/2018 – Presented by Cristiano Bilacchi

Chang, C.-J., & Jazayeri, M. (2018). Integration of speed and time for estimating time to contact. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201713316.

19/10/2018 – Presented by Gabriela Melo

Bannier, D., Wearden, J., Le Dantec, C. C., & Rebaï, M. (2019). Differences in the temporal processing between identification and categorization of durations: A behavioral and ERP study. Behavioural Brain Research, 356(May 2018), 197–203.

05/10/2018 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Murai, Y., & Yotsumoto, Y. (2018). Optimal multisensory integration leads to optimal time estimation. Scientific Reports, 8(1), 13068.

28/09/2018 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro

Cheadle, S., Wyart, V., Tsetsos, K., Myers, N., deGardelle, V., Herce Castañón, S., & Summerfield, C. (2014). Adaptive gain control during human perceptual choice. Neuron, 81(6), 1429–1441.

21/09/2018 – Presented by André Cravo

Paton, J. J., & Buonomano, D. V. (2018). The Neural Basis of Timing: Distributed Mechanisms for Diverse Functions. Neuron, 98(4), 687-705.

17/08/2018 – Presented by Louise Barne

Marti, S., & Dehaene, S. (2017). Discrete and continuous mechanisms of temporal selection in rapid visual streams. Nature communications8(1), 1955.

10/08/2018 – Data Presentation by Renan Recio

03/08/2018 – Presented by Cristiano Bilacchi

Rademaker, R. L., Park, Y. E., Sack, A. T., & Tong, F. (2018). Evidence of gradual loss of precision for simple features and complex objects in visual working memory. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

27/07/2018 – Data Presentation by Gabriela Chiuffa

20/07/2018 – Presented by Janine Camatti

Koppel, L., Andersson, D., Posadzy, K., Västfjäll, D., & Tinghög, G. (2017). The effect of acute pain on risky and intertemporal choice. Experimental economics20(4), 878-893.

13/07/2018 – Data Presentation by Pedro Teodoro

06/07/2018 – Data Presentation by Louise Barne

29/06/2018 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Droit-Volet, S., & Zélanti, P. S. (2013). Development of time sensitivity and information processing speed. PloS one8(8), e71424.

22/06/2018 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro 

Spitzer, B., Blankenburg, F., & Summerfield, C. (2016). Rhythmic gain control during supramodal integration of approximate number. Neuroimage129, 470-479.

15/06/2018 – Presented by Gabriela Melo 

Karmarkar, U. R., & Buonomano, D. V. (2003). Temporal specificity of perceptual learning in an auditory discrimination task. Learning & Memory10(2), 141-147.

18/05/2018 – End of the Term Happy Hour!

We’re heading to Boteco São Bernardo to celebrate the end of the term.

11/05/2018 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Mendoza, G., Méndez, J. C., Pérez, O., Prado, L., & Merchant, H. (2018). Neural basis for categorical boundaries in the primate pre-SMA during relative categorization of time intervals. Nature communications9(1), 1098.

04/05/2018 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Mendoza, G., Méndez, J. C., Pérez, O., Prado, L., & Merchant, H. (2018). Neural basis for categorical boundaries in the primate pre-SMA during relative categorization of time intervals. Nature communications9(1), 1098.

27/04/2018 – Data Presentation by Ana Kunicki and André Peres (ELS-IIN)

20/04/2018 – Presented by Estela Braga

Jo, S., & Jung, M. W. (2016). Differential coding of uncertain reward in rat insular and orbitofrontal cortex. Scientific reports6, 24085.

13/04/2018 – Lab Data Presentation by Renan Recio and Gabriela Chiuffa

06/04/2018 – Presented by Gabriela Chiuffa

Smith, K. S., & Graybiel, A. M. (2013). A dual operator view of habitual behavior reflecting cortical and striatal dynamics. Neuron79(2), 361-374.

30/03/2018 – Holiday

23/03/2018 – Presented by Fernanda Bueno

Coull, J. T., Charras, P., Donadieu, M., Droit-Volet, S., & Vidal, F. (2015). SMA selectively codes the active accumulation of temporal, not spatial, magnitude. Journal of cognitive neuroscience27(11), 2281-2298.

16/03/2018 – Presented by Estêvão Vieira

Goudar, V., & Buonomano, D. (2017). Encoding sensory and motor patterns as time-invariant trajectories in recurrent neural networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:1701.00838.

09/03/2018 – Lab Data Presentation by Pedro Teodoro

02/02/2018 – Lab Data Presentation by Carlos Ramos and Vanessa Morita

23/02/2018 – Presented by Louise Barne

Van Ede, F., Chekroud, S. R., Stokes, M. G., & Nobre, A. C. (2017). Decoding The Influence Of Anticipatory States On Visual Perception In The Presence Of Temporal Distractors. bioRxiv, 143123.

14/12/2017 – End of the Term Happy Hour!

08/12/2017 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrim

Wolff, M. J., Jochim, J., Akyürek, E. G., & Stokes, M. G. (2017). Dynamic hidden states underlying working-memory-guided behavior. Nature neuroscience20(6), 864.

01/12/2017 – Lab Data Presentation by Estêvão Vieira

24/11/2017 – Presented by Gabriela Chiuffa

Wang, J., Narain, D., Hosseini, E., & Jazayeri, M. (2017). Flexible control of speed of cortical dynamics. bioRxiv, 155390.

17/11/2017 – Lab Data Presentation by Andre Cravo

10/11/2017 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro

Lim, K., Wang, W., & Merfeld, D. M. (2017). Unbounded evidence accumulation characterizes subjective visual vertical forced-choice perceptual choice and confidenceJournal of neurophysiology118(5), 2636-2653.

03/11/2017 – Holiday

27/10/2017 – 1st Annual Conference of the Timing Research Forum

13/10/2017 – Holiday

06/10/2017 – Neuroscience Course Presentation led by Prof. Jorge from Universidad Externado de Colombia

29/09/2017 – IV Brazilian Meeting on Brain and Cognition

22/09/2017 – Special Meeting in Preparation for the IV BMBC

Part I – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Gauthier, B., Pestke, K., & van Wassenhove, V. (2017). The psychological arrow of time and the human brain dynamics of event orderingbioRxiv, 180711.

Part II – Presented by Lucas Lago

Bavassi, L., Kamienkowski, J. E., Sigman, M., & Laje, R. (2017). Sensorimotor synchronization: neurophysiological markers of the asynchrony in a finger-tapping task. Psychological research81(1), 143-156.

18/08/2017 – End of the Term Happy Hour!

11/08/2017 – Presented by Vanessa Morita

Hardy, N.F., Goudar, V., Romero-Sosa, J.L., & Buonomano, D. (2017). A model of temporal scaling correctly predicts that Weber′s law is speed-dependent. bioRXiv.

04/08/2017 – Presented by Victoria Rodrigues

Cheng, R.K., & Liao, R.M. (2017). Regional differences in dopamine receptor blockade affect timing impulsivity that is altered by d-amphetamine on differential reinforcement of low-rate responding (DRL) behavior in rats. Behavioural Brain Research, 331, 177-187.

28/07/2017 – Presented by Estêvão Vieira

Bakhurin, K.I., Goudar, V., Shobe, J.L., Claar, L.D., Buonomano, D.V., & Masmanidis, S.C. (2017). Differential encoding of time by prefrontal and striatal network dynamics. The Journal of Neuroscience, 37(4), 854-870.

21/07/2017 – Presentation of Research Project by Marcelo Silveira

14/07/2017 – Presentation of Research Project by Gabriela Melo


Part I – Presented by Louise Barne

Jones, A., Hsu, Y.F., Granjon, L., & Waszak, F. (2017). Temporal expectancies driven by self-and externally generated rhythms. NeuroImage.

Part II – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Samaha, J., Bauer, P., Cimaroli, S., & Postle, B. R. (2015). Top-down control of the phase of alpha-band oscillations as a mechanism for temporal predictionProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences112(27), 8439-8444.

23/06/2017 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Fautrelle, L., Mareschal, D., French, R., Addyman, C., & Thomas, E. (2015). Motor activity improves temporal expectancy. PloS one, 10(3), e0119187

09/06/2017Presentation of Research Project by Estêvão Vieira

02/06/2017 – Organizational Meeting

27/04/2017 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Rhodes, D., & Di Luca, M. (2016). Temporal regularity of the environment drives time perceptionPloS one11(7), e0159842.

20/04/2017 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro

Cohen, M.X. (2017). Where Does EEG Come From and What Does It Mean?Trends in Neurosciences.

13/04/2017 – Presentation of Data by Vanessa Morita and Mateus Silvestrin

06/04/2017 – Presented by Victoria Rodrigues

Gouvêa, T.S., Monteiro, T., Soares, S., Atallah, B.V., & Paton, J.J. (2014). Ongoing behavior predicts perceptual report of interval duration.

30/03/2017 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

King, J.R., & Dehaene, S. (2014). Characterizing the dynamics of mental representations: the temporal generalization method. Trends in cognitive sciences18(4), 203-210.

23/03/2017 – Presented by Eliezyer Fermino

Emmons, E.B., Ruggiero, R.N., Kelley, R.M., Parker, K.L., & Narayanan, N.S. (2016). Corticostriatal Field Potentials Are Modulated at Delta and Theta Frequencies during Interval-Timing Task in RodentsFrontiers in psychology7.

16/03/2017 – Presentation of Data by Andre Cravo

09/03/2017 – Presented by Louise Barne

Stauffer, C.C., Haldemann, J., Troche, S.J., & Rammsayer, T.H. (2012). Auditory and visual temporal sensitivity: evidence for a hierarchical structure of modality-specific and modality-independent levels of temporal information processingPsychological research76(1), 20-31.

02/03/2017 – Presented by Estela Braga

Soares, S., Atallah, B.V., & Paton, J.J. (2016). Midbrain dopamine neurons control judgment of timeScience354(6317), 1273-1277.

23/02/2017 – Presented by Gabriela Chiuffa 

Tiganj, Z., Jung, M.W., Kim, J., & Howard, M.W. (2016). Sequential Firing Codes for Time in Rodent Medial Prefrontal CortexCerebral Cortex.

10/02/2017 – Organizational Meeting for 2017

09/12/2016 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro

Mathewson, K.E., Gratton, G., Fabiani, M., Beck, D.M., & Ro, T. (2009). To see or not to see: prestimulus α phase predicts visual awareness. The Journal of neuroscience29(9), 2725-2732.

02/12/2016 – Presentation of Research Projects by Gabriela Chiuffa and Estela Braga

18/11/2016 – Presented by Giuliana Giorjiani

Soshi, T., Kuriyama, K., Aritake, S., Enomoto, M., Hida, A., Tamura, M., … & Mishima, K. (2010). Sleep deprivation influences diurnal variation of human time perception with prefrontal activity change: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study. PLoS One5(1), e8395.

11/11/2016 – Presented by Gabriela Chiuffa

Shi, Z., Church, R.M., & Meck, W.H. (2013). Bayesian optimization of time perception. Trends in Cognitive Sciences17(11), 556-564.

04/11/2016 – Presentation of Research Projects by Vanessa Morita and Pedro Teodoro

28/10/2016 – Holiday

21/10/2016 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

VanRullen, R. (2016). Perceptual cycles. Trends in Cognitive Sciences20(10), 723-735.

14/10/2016 – Presented by Carlos Ramos

Naccache, L., Blandin, E., & Dehaene, S. (2002). Unconscious masked priming depends on temporal attention. Psychological science13(5), 416-424.

07/10/2016 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Ward, R.D., Gallistel, C.R., & Balsam, P.D. (2013). It’s the information!. Behavioural processes95, 3-7

03/09/2016 – Presented by Marcelo Caetano

Swanton, D.N., Gooch, C.M., & Matell, M. (2009). Averaging of temporal memories by rats. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes35(3), 434-439.

23/08/2016 – Project Results presented by Renan Recio and Estela Braga

16/08/2016 – Presented by Pedro Teodoro

Wyart, V., Myers, N.E., & Summerfield, C. (2015). Neural mechanisms of human perceptual choice under focused and divided attention. The Journal of Neuroscience35(8), 3485-3498.


Part I – Presented by Mayurí Annerose 

Milton, A., & Pleydell-Pearce, C.W. (2016). The phase of pre-stimulus alpha oscillations influences the visual perception of stimulus timing. NeuroImage,133, 53-61.

Part II – Presented by Camila Agostino

Cho, S.S., Koshimori, Y., Aminian, K., Obeso, I., Rusjan, P., Lang, A.E., … & Strafella, A.P. (2015). Investing in the future: stimulation of the medial prefrontal cortex reduces discounting of delayed rewards. Neuropsychopharmacology40(3), 546-553.

02/08/2016 – Presented by Gabriela Chiuffa

Farrell, M.S. (2011). Using DREADDs to isolate internal clocks. Frontiers in integrative neuroscience5.

26/07/2016 – Presented by Estela Braga

Narayanan, N.S., Land, B.B., Solder, J.E., Deisseroth, K., & DiLeone, R.J. (2012). Prefrontal D1 dopamine signaling is required for temporal control. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences109(50), 20726-20731.

19/07/2016 – Presented by Vanessa Morita

Karmarkar, U.R., & Buonomano, D.V. (2007). Timing in the absence of clocks: encoding time in neural network statesNeuron53(3), 427-438.

12/07/2016 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Samaha, J., & Postle, B.R. (2015). The speed of alpha-band oscillations predicts the temporal resolution of visual perception. Current Biology25(22), 2985-2990.

05/07/2016 – Presented by Renan Recio

Sauseng, P., & Klimesch, W. (2008). What does phase information of oscillatory brain activity tell us about cognitive processes?. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews32(5), 1001-1013.

28/06/2016 – Presented by Fernanda Bueno

Kulashekhar, S., Pekkola, J., Palva, J.M., Palva, S. (2016). The role of cortical beta oscillations in time estimation. Human Brain Mapping.

21/06/2016 – Presented by Louise Barne

Sharma, J., Sugihara, H., Katz, Y., Schummers, J., Tenenbaum, J., & Sur, M. (2015). Spatial attention and temporal expectation under timed uncertainty predictably modulate neuronal responses in monkey V1. Cerebral Cortex,25(9), 2894-2906.

14/06/2016 – Presented by Carlos Ramos

Kononowicz, T.W., & Penney, T.B. (2016). The contingent negative variation (CNV): timing isn’t everythingCurrent Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. 8: 231-237.

02/05/2016 – Presented by Giuliana Giorjiani

Gavazzi, G., Bisio, A., & Pozzo, T. (2013). Time perception of visual motion is tuned by the motor representation of human actions. Sci Rep. 3:1168.

25/04/2016 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Kok, P., Rahnev, D., Jehee, J.F.M., Lau, H.C., & de Lange, F.P. (2012). Attention Reverses the Effect of Prediction in Silencing Sensory Signals. Cereb Cortex. 22(9):2197-206

18/04/2016 – Presented by André Cravo

11/04/2016 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

de Graaf, T.A., Gross, J., Paterson, G., Rusch, T., Sack, A.T., & Thut, G. (2013). Alpha-band rhythms in visual task performance: phase-locking by rhythmic sensory stimulation. PLoS One. 8(3):e60035.

04/04/2016 – Presented by Raphael Camargo

Gouvêa, T.S., Monteiro, T., Motiwala, A., Soares, S., Machens, C., & Paton, J.J. (2015). Striatal dynamics explain duration judgments. Elife. 4. pii: e11386.

28/03/2016 – Guest Presentation by Armando Machado (Universidade do Minho)

21/03/2016 – Presented by Vanessa Morita

Kononowicz, T. W., & van Wassenhove, V. (2016). In Search of Oscillatory Traces of the Internal ClockFront Psychol. 7: 224.

14/03/2016 – Presented by Louise Barne

Hass, J., & Durstewitz, D. (2016). Time at the center, or time at the side? Assessing current models of time perception. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. 8: 238–244.

07/03/2016 – Presented by Renan Recio

Linares, D., Cos, I., & Roseboom, W. (2016). Adaptation for multisensory relative timing. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. 8:35–41.

29/02/2016 – Presented by Manasses Pereira

Bechlivanidis, C., & Lagnado, D. A. (2016). Time reordered: Causal perception guides the interpretation of temporal order. Cognition. 146:58-66.

22/02/2016 – Presented by Nicolas Cesar

Noonan, M.P., Adamian, N., Pike, A., Printzlau, F., Crittenden, B.M., & Stokes, M.G. (2016). Distinct Mechanisms for Distractor Suppression and Target Facilitation. J Neurosci. 36(6):1797–1807.

08/12/2015 – Project Results Presented by Eliezyer de Oliveira

01/12/2015 – Project Results Presented by Camila Agostino and Yossi Zana

24/11/2015 – Presented by Gabriela Chiuffa

Kraus, B.J., Brandon, M.P., Robinson, R.J., Connerney, M.A., Hasselmo, M.E., & Eichenbaum, H. (2015) During Running in Place, Grid Cells Integrate Elapsed Time and Distance RunNeuron. 88(3):578-89.

17/11/2015 – Project Results Presented by Andre Cravo

10/11/2015 – Presented by Louise Barne

Jazayeri, M., & Shadlen, M.N. (2015) A neural mechanism for sensing and reproducing a time interval. Curr Biol. 25(20):2599-609.

03/11/2015 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Papo, D., Zanin, M., Pineda-Pardo, J.A., Boccaletti, S., & Buldú, J.M. (2014) Functional brain networks: great expectations, hard times and the big leap forwardPhilos Trans R Soc Lond B BiolSci. 369(1653).

27/10/2015 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Papo, D., Zanin, M., Pineda-Pardo, J.A., Boccaletti, S., & Buldú, J.M. (2014) Functional brain networks: great expectations, hard times and the big leap forwardPhilos Trans R Soc Lond B BiolSci. 369(1653).

20/10/2015 – Presented by Renan Recio

Schoffelen, J.M., & Gross, J.D. (2009). Source connectivity analysis with MEG and EEGHum Brain Mapp, 30(6):31857-65.

13/10/2015 – Presented by André Cravo

Stokes , M.G., Kusunoki, M., Sigala, N., Nili, H., Gaffan, D., & Duncan, J. (2013). Dynamic Coding for Cognitive Control in Prefrontal CortexNeuron, 78(2):364-75.

06/10/2015 – Project Results Presented by the ‘Laboratory for Neuroscience and Behavior’ (IB/USP). 

29/09/2015 – Special Meeting in Preparation for the III BMBC

Part 1 – Presented by Claudinei Biazoli

Dias, E.C., Butler, P.D., Hoptman, M.J., & Javitt, D.C. (2011). Early Sensory Contributions to Contextual Encoding Deficits in Schizophrenia. Arch Gen Psychiatry, 68(7):654-64.

Part 2 – Presented by André Cravo

Lakatos, P., Schroeder, C.E., Leitman, D.I., & Javitt, D.C. (2013). Predictive Suppression of Cortical Excitability and Its Deficit in Schizophrenia. J Neurosci, 33(28):11692-702.

22/09/2015 – Special Meeting in Preparation for the III BMBC

Part 1 – Presented by Raphael Camargo

Balci, F., Simen, P., Niyogi, R., Saxe, A., Hughes, J. A., Holmes, F., & Cohen, J.D. (2011). Acquisition of decision making criteria: reward rate ultimately beats accuracyAtten Percept Psychophys, 73(2): 640-657.

Part 2 – Presented by Marcelo Caetano

Machado, A., & Arantes, J. (2006). Further tests of the Scalar Expectancy Theory (SET) and the Learning-to-Time (LeT) model in a temporal bisection task. Behav Processes, 72(3):195-206.

18/08/2015 – End of the Term Luncheon

Hooray for the lab’s 3rd year anniversary and to our well-deserved vacations!

11/08/2015 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Musall, S., von Pföstl, V., Rauch, A., Logothetis, N. K., & Whittingstall, K. (2014). Effects of neural synchrony on surface EEG. Cerebral Cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991), 24(4):1045–53.

04/08/2015 – Presented by Esaú Sirius

Musall, S., von Pföstl, V., Rauch, A., Logothetis, N. K., & Whittingstall, K. (2014). Effects of neural synchrony on surface EEG. Cerebral Cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991), 24(4), 1045–53.

21/07/2015 – Presented by Gleison Morais

Klimesch, W., Sauseng, P., & Hanslmayr, S. (2007). EEG alpha oscillations: The inhibition-timing hypothesis. Brain Research Reviews, 53(1), 63–88. 

14/07/2015 – Group Attending the IBRO Congress 2015

01/07/2015 – Guest Presentation by Rodrigo Pavão (UFRN)

23/06/2015 – Presented by Camila Silveira

Han, R., & Takahashi, T. (2012). Psychophysics of time perception and valuation in temporal discounting of gain and loss. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications, 391(24), 6568–6576.

16/06/2015 – Presented by Gabriela Chiuffa

Parker, X. K. L., Chen, X. K., Kingyon, J. R., Cavanagh, X. J. F., & Narayanan, N. S. (2014). D 1 -Dependent 4 Hz Oscillations and Ramping Activity in Rodent Medial Frontal Cortex during Interval Timing. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(50), 16774–16783.

09/06/2015 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Carnevale, F., de Lafuente, V., Romo, R., Barak, O., & Parga, N. (2015). Dynamic Control of Response Criterion in Premotor Cortex during Perceptual Detection under Temporal Uncertainty. Neuron, 1067–1077.

02/06/2015  – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Mello, G. B. M., Soares, S., & Paton, J. J. (2015). A Scalable Population Code for Time in the Striatum. Current Biology, 25(9), 1113–1122.

28/04/2015  – Presented by Bianca Almeida

Wearden, J. H. (2013). The cognitive neuroscience of time perception: How psychological studies might help to dissect the timing system. Neuropsychologia, 51(2), 187–190. 

14/04/2015  – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

O’Reilly, J. X., Mesulam, M. M., & Nobre, A. C. (2008). The cerebellum predicts the timing of perceptual events. The Journal of Neuroscience : The Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience28(9), 2252–2260.

31/03/2015 – Presented by Tomás Aquino

Gu, B.M., Van Rijn, H. & Meck, W.H. (2015). Oscillatory multiplexing of neural population codes for interval timing and working memory.  Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 48, 150-185.

24/03/2015 presented by Marcelo Caetano

Caetano, M.S., Guilhardi, P., & Church, R.M. (2012). Stimulus control in multiple temporal discriminationsLearning & Behavior40, 520-529.

17/03/2015 – Presented by Louise Barne

Van Den Brink, R.L., Wynn, S.C., Nieuwenhuis, S. (2014) Post-error slowing as a consequence of disturbed low-frequency oscillatory phase entrainment. J Neurosci. 34(33):11096-105.

10/03/2015 – Presented by Gleison Morais

Jensen, O., Gips B., Bergmann, T.O., Bonnefond, M. (2014) Temporal coding organized by coupled alpha and gamma oscillations prioritize visual processing. Trends Neurosci, 37(7):357-69.

03/03/2015 – Presented by Nicolas Cesar and Tatiane Labliuk

Rohenkohl, G., Coull, J.T., Nobre, A.C. (2011) Behavioural Dissociation between Exogenous and Endogenous Temporal Orienting of Attention. PLoS ONE, 6(1): e14620.

24/02/2015 – Presented by Camila Agostino

Zauberman, G., Kim, B.K., Malkoc, S.A., Bettman, J.R. (2009) Discounting Time and Time Discounting: Subjective Time Perception and Intertemporal Preferences. Journal of Marketing Research, 46(4):543-56.

10/02/2015 – Presented by Vanessa Morita

Ng, K.K., Tobin, S., Penney, T.B. (2011) Temporal accumulation and decision processes in the duration bisection task revealed by contingent negative variation. Front Integr Neurosci, 5:77.

02/12/2014 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Kopec, C.D., Brody, C.D. (2010) Human performance on the temporal bisection taskBrain Cogn, 74(3):262-72.

22/11/2014 – Project Results Presented by Diego Miranda

18/11/2014 – Presented by Manasses Pereira

Haering, C., Kiesel, A. (2012) Mine is earlier than yours: causal beliefs influence the perceived time of action effects. Front Psychol, 3:393.

11/11/2014 – Presented by Louise Barne

Arnal, L.H., Doelling, K.B., Poeppel, D. (2014) Delta-Beta Coupled Oscillations Underlie Temporal Prediction Accuracy. Cereb Cortex, doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhu103.

04/11/2014 – Presented by Renan Recio

Navarra, J., Hartcher-O’Brien, J., Piazza, E., Spence, C. (2009) Adaptation to audiovisual asynchrony modulates the speeded detection of sound. PNAS, 106(23):9169-73.

21/10/2014 – Presented by Mateus Silvestrin

Gould, I.C., Rushworth, M.F., Nobre, A.C. (2011) Indexing the graded allocation of visuospatial attention using anticipatory alpha oscillationsJ Neurophysiol, 105(3):1318-26.

14/10/2014 – Presented by Marcela Echeverry

Calabresi, P., Picconi, B., Tozzi, A., Ghiglieri, V., Di Filippo, M. (2014) Direct and indirect pathways of basal ganglia: a critical reappraisalNat Neurosci, 17(8):1022-30.

07/10/2014 – Presented by Marcelo Caetano

Killeen, P.R. (2001) The four causes of behaviorCurrent Directions in Psychological Science, 10(4), 136-140.

09/09/2014 – Presented by Manasses Pereira

Shibasaki, M., Masataka, N. (2014) The color red distorts time perception for men, but not for women. Scientific Reports, 4:5899.

02/09/2014 – Project Results Presented by Nicolas Cesar

26/08/2014 – Presented by Tomás Aquino

Shouval, H.Z., Hussain Shuler, M.G., Agarwal, A., Gavornik, J.P. (2014) What does scalar timing tell us about neural dynamics? Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8:438.

12/08/2014 – Presented by Andre Cravo

Intentional binding: How action modulates temporal perception (review of several papers on the topic).

05/08/2014 – Definition of New Undergraduate Projects

29/07/2014 – Project Results Presented by Louise Barne

22/07/2014 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Reyes, M.B., Buhusi, C.V. (2014). What is learned during simultaneous temporal acquisition? An individual-trials analysis. Behavioural Processes, 101, 32-37.

15/07/2014 – Presented by Carol and Camila

Gallistel, C.R., Fairhurst, S., Balsam, P. (2004). The learning curve: Implications of a quantitative analysis. PNAS, 101(36), 13124-13131.

23/05/2014 – Presented by Victoria Rodrigues

Narayanan, N.S., Cavanagh, J.F., Frank, M.J., Laubach, M. (2013). Common medial frontal mechanisms of adaptive control in humans and rodents. Nature Neuroscience, 16(12), 1888-1895.

09/05/2014 – Presented by Louise Barne

Kösem, A., Gramfort, A., van Wassenhove, V. (2014). Encoding of event timing in the phase of neural oscillations. Neuroimage, 92, 274-284.

25/04/2014 – Presented by Karin Santos

Spaak, E., de Lange, L.P., Jensen, O. (2014). Local Entrainment of Alpha Oscillations by Visual Stimuli Causes Cyclic Modulation of Perceptions. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(10), 3536-3544.

11/04/2014 – Presented by Karin Santos

Spaak, E., de Lange, L.P., Jensen, O. (2014). Local Entrainment of Alpha Oscillations by Visual Stimuli Causes Cyclic Modulation of Perceptions. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(10), 3536-3544.

04/04/2014 – Led by André Cravo

Special session on brain oscillations: Definition, measurement and analysis methods.

28/03/2014 – Presented by Gabriel Camargo

Kononowicz, T.W., van Rijn, H. (2014). Decoupling interval timing and climbing neural activity: A dissociation between CNV and N1P2 amplitudes. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(8), 2931-2939.

21/01/2014 – Presented by Raphael Camargo

Lundqvist, M., Herman, P., Anders, L. (2013). Effect of prestimulus alpha power, phase, and synchronization on stimulus detection rates in a biophysical attractor network model. The Journal of Neuroscience, 33(29), 11817-11824.

14/01/2014 – Presented by Joselisa Paiva

Craig, A.D. (2009). Emotional moments across time: a possible neural basis for time perception in the anterior insula. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society – Biological Sciences, 364, 1933-1942.

17/12/2013 – Presented by Victoria Rodrigues

Arstila, V. (2012). Time slows down during accidents. Frontiers in Psychology, 3 (196), 1-10.

10/12/2013 – Presentation of Research Project by Leandro Alexandre da Silva

03/12/2013 – Presented by Diego Miranda

Abolafia, J.M., Martinez-Garcia, M., Deco, G. (2013). Varibility and information content in auditory cortex spike trains during an interval-discrimination task. Journal of Neurophysiology, 110, 2163-2174.

26/11/2013Lab Data Presentation by Felipe Cardoso

19/11/2013 – Presented by Marcela Echeverry

Fan, D., Rossi, M.A., Yin, H.H. (2012). Mechanisms of Action Selection and Timing in Substantia Nigra NeuronsThe Journal of Neuroscience, 32(16), 5534-5548.

12/11/2013 – Presented by Marcela Echeverry

Fan, D., Rossi, M.A., Yin, H.H. (2012). Mechanisms of Action Selection and Timing in Substantia Nigra NeuronsThe Journal of Neuroscience, 32(16), 5534-5548.

22/10/2013 – Guest Presentation by Luiz Rogério Carrer (UNIFESP)

15/10/2013 – Presented by Nicolas Cesar

O’Reilly, J.X., Schüffelgen, U., Cuell, S.F., Behrens, T.E., Mars, R.B., Rushworth, M.F. (2013). Dissociable effects of surprise and model update in parietal and anterior cingulate cortex. PNAS, 110(38), E3660-9.

08/10/2013 – Lab Data Presentation

01/10/2013 – Presented by Tomás Aquino

Jazayeri, M., Shadlen, M.N. (2010). Temporal context calibrates interval timing. Nature Neuroscience, 13(8), 1020-1026.

24/09/2013 – Presented by Louise Barne

Garcia, J.O., Srinivasan, R., & Serences, J.T. (2013). Near-real-time feature-selective modulations in human cortex. Current Biology, 23, 515-522.

17/09/2013 – Presentation of Research Projects

10/09/2013 – II Brazilian Meeting on Brain and Cognition

03/09/2013 – Presentation of Research Projects

27/08/2013 – Presented by Raphael Camargo

Laje, R., & Buonomano, D.V. (2013). Robust timing and motor patterns by taming chaos in recurrent neural networksNature Neuroscience, 16(7), 925-933.

20/08/2013 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Simen, P., Balci, F., de Souza, L., Cohen, J.D., & Holmes, P. (2011). A model of interval timing by neural integrationThe Journal of Neuroscience31(25), 9238-9253.

13/08/2013 – Presented by Abdo Carin / Marcelo Caetano

Matell, M.S. & Henning, A.M. (2013). Temporal memory averaging and post-encoding alterations in temporal expectationBehavioral Processes, 95, 31-39.

05/08/2013 – Organizational Meeting

25/06/2013 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Kraus, B.J., Robinson, R.J. II, White, J.A., Eichenbaum, H., & Hasselmo, M.E. (2013). Hippocampal “Time Cells”: Time versus Path Integration. Neuron, 78(6), 1090-1101.

18/06/2013 – Lecture on the anatomy of the hippocampus by Marcela Echeverry

11/06/2013 – Presentation of Master’s Research Project by Diego Miranda

04/06/2013 – Lab Data Presentation

28/05/2013 – Presented by Andre Cravo

Clark, A. (2013) Whatever next? Predictive brains, situated agents, and the future of cognitive science. Behavioural Brain Science, 36(3), 181-204.

21/05/2013 – Presentation of Research Projects

07/05/2013 – Presentation of Research Projects

30/04/2013 – Presented by Gabriel Camargo

Wittmann, M. (2011). Moments in time. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 5-66.

23/04/2013 – Presented by Abdo Carin

Lake, J.I., & Meck, W.H. (2013). Differential effects of amphetamine and haloperidol on temporal reproduction: dopaminergic regulation of attention and clock speed. Neuropsychologia, 51(2), 284-92.

19/03/2013 – Presentation of Research Projects

12/03/2013 – Information Session to Prospective Students

05/03/2013 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Balsam, P.D., & Gallistel, C.R. (2009). Temporal maps and informativeness in associative learning. Trends in Neurosciences, 32(2), 73-8.

26/02/2013 – Presentation of Research Projects

19/02/2013 – Presentation of Research Projects

05/02/2013 – Presented by Marcela Echeverry

Coull, J.T., Hwang, H.J., Leyton, M., & Dagher, A. (2012). Dopamine precursor depletion impairs timing in healthy volunteers by attenuating activity in putamen and supplementary motor. The Journal of Neuroscience, 32(47), 16704-15.

29/01/2013 – Presented by Marcela Echeverry

Coull, J.T., Hwang, H.J., Leyton, M., & Dagher, A. (2012). Dopamine precursor depletion impairs timing in healthy volunteers by attenuating activity in putamen and supplementary motor. The Journal of Neuroscience, 32(47), 16704-15.

22/01/2013 – Presentation of Research Projects

15/01/2013 – First Meeting of The Year

20/12/2012 – Presented by Fernanda Bueno

Nather, F.C., & Bueno, J.L.O. (2006). Efeitos de imagens estáticas com diferentes representações de movimento sobre a percepção subjetiva de tempo. Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica, 19(2), 217-224.

13/12/2012 – Presented by Andre Cravo

Rohenkohl, G., Cravo, A.M., Wyart, V., & Nobre, A.C. (2012). Temporal expectation improves the quality of sensory information. The Journal of Neuroscience, 32(24), 8424-8.

06/12/2012 – Presented by Louise Barne

Doherty, J.R., Rao, A., Mesulam, M.M., & Nobre, A.C. (2005). Synergistic effect of combined temporal and spatial expectations on visual attention. The Journal of Neuroscience, 25(36), 8259–66.

29/11/2012 – Presented by Marcelo Caetano

Mita, A., Mushiake, H., Shima, K., Matsuzaka, Y., & Tanji, J. (2009). Interval time coding by neurons in the presupplementary and supplementary motor areas. Nature Neuroscience, 12(4), 502-7.

22/11/2012 – Presented by Andre Cravo

Schneider, B.A., & Ghose, G.M. (2012). Temporal Production Signals in Parietal Cortex. PLoS Biology, 10(10), e1001413.

08/11/2012 – Presented by Andre Cravo

Coull, J.T., Davranche, K., Nazarian, B., & Vidal, F. (2013). Functional anatomy of timing differs for production versus prediction of time intervals. Neuropsychologia, 51(2), 309-19.

01/11/2012 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Matell, M.S., & Meck, W.H. (2004). Cortico-striatal circuits and interval timing: coincidence detection of oscillatory processes. Cognitive Brain Research, 21(2), 139-70.

25/10/2012 – Presented by Marcelo Caetano

Church, R.M. (2003). A concise introduction to scalar timing theory. In Functional and Neural Mechanisms of Interval Timing, W.H. Meck (Ed), 1–22.

21/09/2012 – Presented by Andre Cravo

Jaramillo, S., & Zador, A.M. (2011). The auditory cortex mediates the perceptual effects of acoustic temporal expectation. Nature Neuroscience, 14(2), 246-51.

11/09/2012 – Presented by Marcelo Caetano

Harvey, C.D., Coen, P., & Tank, D.W. (2012). Choice-specific sequences in parietal cortex during a virtual-navigation decision task. Nature, 484(7392), 62-8.

28/08/2012 – Presented by Marcelo Reyes

Komura, Y., Tamura, R., Uwano, T., Nishijo, H., Kaga, K., & Ono, T. (2001). Retrospective and prospective coding for predicted reward in the sensory thalamus. Nature, 412(6846), 546-9.

16/08/2012 (dd/mm/yyyy) – Presented by Andre Cravo

Coull, J.T., & Nobre, A.C. (2008). Dissociating explicit timing from temporal expectation with fMRI. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 18(2), 137–44.