Lab Members

Claudinei E. Biazoli Jr, MD, PhD

Graduated in Molecular Sciences from the University of São Paulo (2003), psychiatrist (2014) and PhD in Radiology (2011) also from the University of São Paulo. Adjunct professor at the Center for Mathematics, Computing and Cognition at the Federal University of ABC.


Javier G. Moreno

Graduated in psychology from the University of Granada (Spain, 2014), with postgraduate in neuropsychology (Alicante, Spain) and master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience (Granada, Spain). Currently, Ph.D student on interhemispheric motor inhibition using fNIRS and EEG (UFABC).


Mateus Silvestrin

Psychologist with experience in child neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience.
Ph.D student on neural correlates of interval timing.
Colaborates with LINDAS in the research of emotional granularity and its development.


Attalya Felix

I have a deep interest in studying the role of emotion in political preferences, in addition to their neural basis and cognitive motivations. Currently, I’m carrying out a project that explores the influence of affective states on political attitudes and related methodological problems in an eye-tracking free-viewing paradigm and reproducibility crisis concerns. The following steps on my carreer includes developing a solid base on Frequentist and Bayesian Statistics and Computational Neuroscience.
Research Gate:

Elaine Nabeth Louzada Torres

Graduated in psychology, postgraduate degree in clinical psycopedagogy and master’s degree student in neuroscience. Research line in emotional granularity.


Bruno Costa Caforio

Bachelor’s student of Science and Technology and Neuroscience at the Federal University of ABC. My focus is in the study of emotions and affective development, focusing on neural processes related to empathy and its relation to race bias using functional near-infrared spectroscopy.


Dárin Oliveira Moura

Student of the bachelors in Neuroscience and  Science and Technology at the Federal University of ABC (UFABC). Has interest in the study areas of psychopathologies, especially major depression and anxiety, the role of the life experiences on the development of these disorders and its neural basis, gestalt, emotions and functional near-infrared spectroscopy.


Julia Rodrigues

Student of Science and Technology and Neuroscience at Federal University of ABC. Have interesting in brain networks; measurements with Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS); connectome analysis and fingerprint.